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As you enter ADONIS, the pastry section will seduce you with the sweet aromas of its dough. Our variety of Middle-Eastern, French and honey pastries, pies and cakes, will tickle your taste buds every week, whether for the holidays or a special occasion.

Our pastry chefs have mastered the art of making desserts and sweet snacks such as Baklava, Knafeh, Maamoul, Atayefs, Sfoufs, Namouras and Chemiyets. Try them. Let yourself succumb to the aromas and flavors of the world.
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ADONIS’s fish market offers the tastiest seafood from around the world and Canada. It is simply variety and freshness at the best price. Our exotic fish are top quality, with a daily supply strategy to ensure freshness and flavor. ADONIS offers you the opportunity to fry or grill your fish on site.

Our most sought and original products come from South America, the Mediterranean, West Africa and Asia. Our fish and seafood supplier is Lagoon Seafood Products, which has introduced an import and quality management program (IQMP) with the approval of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This allows us to effectively control the product’s quality. Lagoon Seafood is the only Canadian company to adopt this program for fresh fish. In addition, our supplier is Ocean Wise and HACCP certified, and is in the process of becoming BRC certified. 
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Our pizza department prepares a variety of pizzas with ADONIS’s special homemade dough and sauce recipes. Choose toppings of your liking. For in-store orders, the wait time is only 8 to 10 minutes and our pizza oven will impress you, every time. You can also order by phone.

Three sizes of pizza are available:
  • 10 inches
  • 14 inches
  • 17 inches
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The concept of having a juice, crepes and ice cream department in ADONIS is unique. It is indicative of originality and innovation to meet the expectations of our customers. Our freshly squeezed juices and our homemade crepes and ice cream will pleasantly surprise you.

At our counter you will find the crepes and juices of the day, our chef's suggestions or any special request. You will find a wide variety of crepes, ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner or as a dessert for everyone. You will also find our classic orange juice but you also have the option of creating your most exotic blend of orange juice, whether fruit, vegetables or a delicious mixture of the two, there are no limits to the possibilities of freshly squeezed juices.

Our specialized counter also offers more than 20 varieties of ice cream and homemade sorbet. They are available individually or family-sized (1/2 kg or 1 kg). Juices, crepes and ice cream can be eaten on site or at home. Impress your guests with our amazing variety! For our delicious frozen cakes, visit the bakery section. 
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ADONIS’s grill department specializes in prepared foods. Guests can enjoy them on-site, at home or during special events. Special orders for events must be made in advance. For parties, celebrations, conferences, happy hour or group meals, please contact us for our catering service. 

If you are in a hurry and you need a prepared dish, ADONIS offers a wide variety of salads, souvlaki, delicious dips, hummus, fig leaves and falafel that will enliven your taste buds. ADONIS’s rotisserie also offers BBQ and grilled chicken. You will find it as a main course choice at our counter; you can also try our stuffed zucchini, our chicken rice or our paella, to name just a few! 
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Welcome to a world of flavors! ADONIS’s fruits and vegetables department is full of exotic quality products, all locally sourced and imported, in addition to the fruits and vegetables found in traditional grocery stores. The difference with ADONIS is our quality and freshness at the best price. Discover our wide variety of figs, almonds and fresh pistachios. Do you know of the Lebanese cucumber? This is a small cucumber salad and is delicious! Enjoy with one of our six varieties of dates! 
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ADONIS’s meat department offers a variety of high quality products. Our butchers tenderize and prepare all varieties of traditional cuts of meat; as well as ADONIS’s special meats such as Kibeh nayyeh and Kafta nayyeh, sausages, Halal meat and quail. Marinated meats are also very popular in ADONIS, including our famous Shish Taouk and tasty marinated lamb chops. All meats are marinated on-site in each of our stores, using homemade recipes flavored with fresh spices. As with all our departments, ADONIS ensures that the relationship between quality and price is to the advantage of the consumer. We invite you to browse through the variety of products that can be found in our counters. 
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ADONIS’s grocery department offers all the ingredients you need to prepare meals at home. You will find a variety of dry and canned products, a wide variety of olive oils and vinegars, a range of spices, rice and other products imported from the Mediterranean and Middle East as well as organic and gluten free products.

  • Dry legumes
  • Canned legumes
  • Wide range of olive oils
  • Vinegar
  • Spices
  • Rice
  • Dried fruitsNuts
  • Marinades
  • Condiments
  • European products
  • Asian products
  • Indian products
  • Wide range of products imported from the Mediterranean and Middle east
  • International brands such as Zinda, Kalamata, Al Kanater, Bianconi, Best, Ulker, Al Wadi, Al Rabih, etc.
  • Organic products
  • Gluten free products
  • Kosher products
  • Halal products
  • Products that can be found in traditional grocery stores
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ADONIS’s cheese and deli counter offers a wide selection of bulk cheese and pre-packaged cheeses. You will find all types of cheeses you crave at our counters, such as white, Lebanese, Greek, European and Canadian cheeses. Our feta cheese collection will allow you to discover all the subtleties of these products.

“We create and prepare many varieties of cheeses in our own factories. We are also developing a unique understanding in the preparation several of exclusive cheeses.”Elie Cheaib, President and Founder

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