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Nuts are a specialty at ADONIS; we offer more than 70 kinds of pistachios, almonds, cashews, seeds, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts, macadamia nuts and mixtures of all kinds. Here is a list of our different varieties:

  • Pistachios (Turkish, Iranian, roasted, jumbo, salted, etc.)
  • Peanuts (soudani, krikri, roasted, salted, without salt, thyme, black pepper, etc.)
  • Almonds (roasted, smoked, krikri, black pepper, salted, without salt, raw, etc.)
  • Cashew nuts(roasted, smoked, krikri, black pepper, salted, unsalted, raw, etc.).
  • Grenoble (with husks, without husks, sugar and cinnamon, etc.)
  • Pumpkin seeds (roasted, salted, half salt, extra lights, etc.).
  • Melon Seeds (Red Iranian, roasted, salted, etc.).
  • Pumpkin seeds (salted)
  • Salted sunflower seeds
  • Roasted soybean seeds
  • Hazelnuts (blanched, roasted, salted, raw, etc.).
  • Pecans (sweet, sugar and cinnamon, etc.).
  • Brazil nuts (roasted without salt, raw sugar and cinnamon, etc.).
  • Sprockets (Lebanese, Chinese and Pakistani)
  • Pine nuts (Baladi)
  • Macadamia (roasted salty, sugar and cinnamon, flood, etc.).
  • Chinese crispy rice
  • Corn (jumbo, roasted, etc.).
  • Chickpeas (white, yellow, barbecue, roast, krikri, salted, etc.).
  • Roasted Green Peas
  • Yellow Polka grilled
  • Mixtures (House Blend, oriental blend, blend diet, etc.).
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Similar Products:

There are more than 40 varieties of olives at ADONIS’s olive counter. Here is an overview of what you will find.

  • Kalamata (above, jumbo, super jumbo, pitted, marinated, large, mammoth, giant, gigantic, etc.).
  • Sicilian
  • Lebanese (black, green, green pickled, marinated black, etc.).
  • Moroccan
  • Tunisian
  • Egyptian
  • Turkey
  • Calabrese (spicy, unpitted, etc.). Stuffed Olives (cheese, garlic, orange, almonds, peppers, jalapeno, etc.)
  • Alphonso olives
  • Green olives (mammoth, seasoned, sliced, marinated, pitted, stuffed, lemon, colossal, etc.).
  • Black olives (pitted, sliced, mammoth, colossal, etc.).
  • Mix (Mediterranean mix, spicy mixture of marinated mixed olives, etc.).
  • Americana Olives
  • Greek Olives
  • Etc.

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ADONIS offers nearly 20 different varieties of marinades.
  • Marinated Cucumbers
  • Marinated Wild Cucumbers
  • Marinated Mushrooms
  • Marinated Green Peppers
  • Pickled Turnips
  • Peppers (Greek marinated, strong, roasts, etc.).
  • Marinated Mini Pickles
  • Mixed Pickled Vegetables
  • Marinated Artichokes
  • Marinated Tomatoes
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Grape and Vine leaves
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