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ADONIS offers a wide selection of Halal meat. For those who are unaware, halal designates food that is permitted to be consumed according to Islamic law. It is the method of slaughter that determines whether the meat is halal or not. Essentially, the blood must be cleaned and the meat must not be in contact with other meats thereafter. Lamb, beef, goat, camel, horse, rabbit and some birds can be halal. Pork is not halal. 


Similar Products:

You will find in ADONIS’s meat department a wide range of lamb products, much of which is produced in Quebec and across Canada. Our lamb is widely used in European and Middle Eastern cuisine. Lebanese cuisine includes many traditional lamb dishes, which is one of ADONIS’s specialties. Our lamb is chosen following specific quality criteria that will ensure your leg of lamb, fricassee, chopped, chops, stews, soups, tagines and Tartar are succulent dishes. 
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ADONIS’s meat counter offers a selection of Angus Pride beef graded USDA Choice, one of the best Angus meats on the market. You should know that the Angus cattle originated in Scotland; it is a cross between the Celtic cow and the Scottish bull. What differentiate Angus cattle is their various levels of quality. At ADONIS, Angus cattle are fed mainly grass and are from certified farms. Meats are chosen individually in order to provide optimal marbling. They contain a unique taste and tenderness which gives Angus Pride an unbeatable reputation among meat lovers.

ADONIS offers a wide selection of cuts of Angus Pride beef:

  • Ribsteak
  • Loin
  • Sirloin
  • Tender loin
  • Etc.
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