As you enter ADONIS, the pastry section will seduce you with the sweet aromas of its dough. Our variety of Middle-Eastern, French and honey pastries, pies and cakes, will tickle your taste buds every week, whether for the holidays or a special occasion.

Our pastry chefs have mastered the art of making desserts and sweet snacks such as Baklava, Knafeh, Maamoul, Atayefs, Sfoufs, Namouras and Chemiyets. Try them. Let yourself succumb to the aromas and flavors of the world.


Maamouls are Semolina based pastries stuffed with pistachios, walnuts or dates. They are usually in the shape of balls or domed or flattened cookies. In the Middle East, they are traditionally prepared for the holy week festivities and eaten on Easter with family and friends.

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Cookies stuffed with dates, coated with pistachios or sesame.

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The knafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern pastry, made of dough and cheese. It is typically served for breakfast or as a dessert. For breakfast: Sesame seed bun+ knafeh with rosewater syrup (ater). As dessert: Without bread, with sweet cheese below the semolina dough. Serve with syrup!

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Atayefs are small Lebanese pancakes, stuffed and served with syrup. They can be stuffed with walnuts or Achta (cream milk somewhat similar to ricotta cheese). You can enjoy this dessert raw or fried!

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Baklava's There are more than a dozen varieties of baklava, including pistachio, cashew and walnut; Baklava's are a traditional dessert from the former Ottoman Empire and, in particular, the national cake of Greece, Turkey and Maghreb. We also offer a baklava option for diabetics.

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French Pastries

Every day, our skilled pastry chefs prepare a variety of delicacies to satisfy your sweet tooth! You will love our shortbread cookies and our petit fours, either in individual portions or as a full cake-size, perfect for 6-15 people. We take special orders for more than 15 people.

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mouras are delicious Eastern pastries made with semolina, yogurt or milk and oriental spices.

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